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Core pull protection

With good core pulling protection on a cylinder lock you can prevent core pulling. This security has the following benefits:

Prevent core pulling

Core pulling is a method used by burglars to pull the core from a cylinder lock. To do this, a screw is screwed into the core from the outside to remove it. After this, the door can also be opened. To prevent core pulling, a simple addition to an existing cylinder lock is already sufficient. The metal anti-core pull fitting is placed over the core so that it is not only no longer visible, but it can also no longer be pulled out. Most new cylinder locks installed today already have such a fitting. In this way, the lock contributes to good burglary prevention.

Installing anti-core pull fittings

The locksmith Haarlem can quickly place an extra anti-core pull protection on almost any cylinder lock. A small addition to an existing lock provides extra security. Certainly if you still have good locks in your home, it is a shame to have them completely replaced by others. Not only will this cost you much more than just a core pull fitting, but the old locks that are still good can last quite a few years. Would you like to have an anti-core pull fitting installed on a lock? Then make an appointment with the locksmith when it suits you. The installation is done quickly for you.